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The Dream Of The 90s

April 28, 2020
90s girl tye dye polly pocket butterfly clips

The dream of the 90s is alive in Port…….PasadenaButterfly clips, tye dye clothes, jellie shoes, and polly pocket. Sums up Celeste at 5 years old as well. We would have been besties. I’m sure of it. Outfit Links: butterfly clips (similar) // tye dye sweatshirt // tye dye shorts // shoes (20% off with code: […]

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Crafts | The Little Lady

DIY Fairy Wings From Cardboard Boxes

April 7, 2020
amazon boxtumes diy

DIY FAIRY WINGS FROM CARDBOARD BOXES A few months ago I made these DIY fairy wings using old amazon boxes. It was such a fun activity to do and we had everything at home. It’s going to be raining all week so we are gathering items from around the house for our next project. I […]

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Snacks | The Little Lady

What Time Is It? Outdoor Time

March 4, 2020

After a loooong morning & both of us getting frustrated- I knew I had to change our scenery. And we went out for outdoor time. 🌿 She brought her magnifying glass and binoculars. (And i brought an iced coffee!😝💛) It was exactly what we both needed and before I knew it we were gelling like […]

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Disney | Disneyland

Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland Park

February 28, 2020

Today we were lucky enough to be at Disneyland for the debut of the Magic Happens parade. It’s the park’s first new daytime parade in nearly a decade. It includes stunning floats, artistic costumes, an energetic musical score and of course, beloved Disney characters. There are so many beloved characters that you’ll smile will grow […]

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