Barbie Holiday Gift Guide

November 24, 2020
Barbie Holiday Gift Guide

Barbie Holiday Gift Guide

Barbie Holiday  Gift Guide

Leave it up to our girl Barbie to spread such an amazing message to little girls everywhere. YOU CAN BE ANYTHING. 💖💖

I have always been more than encouraging for Lila to play with dolls. And besides being totally fun- there are tons of benefits!

💖 Doll play stimulates the brain to develop empathy
💖 Empathy allows you to understand others point of view
💖 This fosters successful relationships and conflict resolution skills

Barbie offers a variety of dolls with different skin colors, genders, or disabilities. I love that Lila has a wide range of dolls to play with and for her to see what she has in common with each of them.

This season give the gift of doll play with Barbie!


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Barbie Holiday  Gift Guide

Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper

Barbie Face Mask Spa Day Playset

Barbie Club Chelsea Carnival Playset

Barbie Holiday 2020

Barbie Color Reveal Set with 50+ Surprises

Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid

Barbie Color Reveal Pet

Barbie Fashionistas Doll with Blue Hair #143

Barbie Ken Fashionistas Doll with Sculpted Dreadlocks #153

Barbie and Ken Fashion Pack

Barbie Club Chelsea Doll, Brunette with Space-Themed Graphic

Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Doll, Brunette with Skateboard Shirt and Shorts

Barbie Bakes

Barbie Children’s Face Masks

*Thank you to Mattel for sending us these toys for the holidays 

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